About me

I am Rok Povšič, a programmer in the financial sector, working professionally since 2007.

As a programmer I like to write clean code, one that is robust, maintainable, and simply good to look at. My IDEs of choice are Visual Studio, and everything from JetBrains, combined with the power of VIM by the use of various plugins (it's a killer combination, really). I am a Master in Computer Science and am proud to say I was top of the class.

I like finance, investing and trading and am always trying to figure ways how to beat the market.

I also teach programming which is very enjoyable.

Besides being a polyglot programmer, I'm trying to become a polyglot for human speaking languages, although that's progressing more slowly than I'd want. Besides Slovenian and English I am relatively comfortable with German and am trying to learn French.

My other interests include playing guitar, working out, boxing, hiking, and reading books.